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About the Farm

The Berea College Farm is situated on about 500 acres and maintains various livestock and horticultural enterprises, producing around 47,000 pounds of organic food each year.

The Farm, located in the Knobs along the edge of the Bluegrass Region, borders Berea College's campus and the City of Berea. It consists of pastures, cropland, woodlots, and ponds. Much of the cropland is USDA certified organic and the Farm maintains animal-welfare certifications on several of the livestock enterprises.

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Berea Farm Berea Farm Berea Farm

Our Impact

Additionally, the Farm offers students real-world experience and management through the College's distinctive Labor Program. It also serves as an essential component to the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department, acting as the primary laboratory for many academic courses.

Our farm proudly supplies the Boone Tavern Restaurant fresh, organic produce cultivated through sustainable farming practices. Together, we bring the flavors of the farm to the tables, offering a farm-to-fork experience that celebrates locally sourced, farm-fresh cuisine.

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